Distribution Busbar Systems

Distribution Busbar Systems

The IBAR HX range of high power, epoxy resin insulated busbar trunking systems are available with a choice of Copper or Aluminium conductors.

Busbar trunking systems are favoured greatly over traditional fixed position cable installations due to the flexibility of the available tap-off locations.

Each side of the standard straight 3m lengths can be fitted with up to five specially engineered tap-off points at standard or custom locations. Each tap-off location features IBAR ‘Safe-Lock’ technology to ensure all connections are safely and securely made and all parts maintain a minimum ingress protection rating of IP2X during mounting, connection and un-mounting procedures. Visit our dedicated tap-off product page to find out more about our range of standard and custom designed busbar tap-off units.

Each tap-off location features high-integrity weld-bonded copper connection tabs. This high-quality, high-conductivity connection means only a single tap-off location is required for tap-offs of up to 630A.

IBAR provide a high-power distribution busbar solution with busbar ratings ranging from 1000A up to 6300A. Each rating type can be supplied with between 3 and 6 conductive bars giving options for 3-phase, 3-phase and neutral / protected earth (for loads susceptible to harmonic distortion / leakage currents) and optional double rated neutral. IBAR utilise a specialist epoxy resin coating to insulate each conductor, the coating is applied to the busbars using an in-house developed and industry leading process.

The system consists of a specially engineered extruded aluminium casing and modular connective components. This outer casing encloses a sandwich arrangement of separately insulated busbars.

The standard lengths of 3m, 2m and 1m are available with a wide range of feeder units, elbows, t-sections and offsets / orientation change pieces. Custom engineered components such as custom elbows, offsets, combination pieces and final connection lengths can be manufactured to meet your installation’s exacting requirements and ensure projects are delivered on-time, every time.

IBAR can provide a turn-key solution incorporating transmission busbar system design, value engineering, project management, delivery, installation, commissioning and lifecycle management.

Our specialist team of technical pre-sales and applications engineers are available to discuss any queries you may have.

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