Critical Power Services

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Our core offers include 4 hour emergency response with guaranteed response times by qualified, highly skilled Mardix Critical Power Services engineers, 24 hour telephone technical support, live non-invasive and fully isolated servicing of the entire critical power system. We also offer our service customers proactive support and planning for any forth coming shutdown or project.

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Our corporate support contracts are tailored to fit your specific requirements and can include various elements of our offer ranging from expert thermographic surveys to fully managed shutdowns, emergency response to power management systems support. Providing peace of mind in both technical and commercial terms, our in house approach ensures a high quality, seamless delivery.

Supporting in excess of 1,500,000 critical final circuits in data centers around the globe we believe that every step of your power lifecycle merits expert attention from our dedicated teams. With Mardix Critical Power Services as your proactive servicing partner you can take advantage of specialist knowledge and unrivalled professional support.